Local Photos and Videos

Check out some local videos we produced for you!

Here is some beautiful Mingus Mountain footage:

Next we have some Camp Verde Greenbelt footage:

This is What You’ll See on Red Rock Loop Road in Sedona:

And AMAZING SEDONA (visible from areas in Cottonwood too!):

Lastly, Beautiful HISTORIC Old Town Cottonwood:

Finding someone that’s extremely knowledgeable of an area is a huge plus whenever you’re working with an agent. That person knows all the little nuances of an area – the good areas and the bad, and is the perfect guide for an area that you are unfamiliar with.

That person is me.

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    Beautiful Clarkdale (Built for the Jerome Miners)

    Clarkdale Square



    Main St Clarkdale

    Here’s more great photos of the area:

    Photo of Desert Tree